Thursday, May 03, 2007

What to eat

Holy moly mom felt pretty safe about feeding me until just a couple of days ago then she saw this article
Now mom is worried about feeding me my raw meat. Seriously where does it all end and what in the world are we going to eat?

Peanut (who is severly depressed about the situation with food latetly)


  1. Hey Peanut -
    One day my Mom got real mad about the food thing and spent alot of time on the internet learning about foods. They all looked yummy! We switched to Canidae and we like it. Mmmm!

  2. Hi Peanut...
    I eat canidae too and really like it. My mom (being the worry wart that she is) checks the canidae site everyday to make sure it's still ok. Silly woman.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. I feel really sorry for all the doggies effected by this. Its really worrying.

    Simba xx

  4. I'm going to become a vegetarian I think!

    Oscar x

  5. Mom is switching us over to homemade food with just a little grain free kibble mixed in. We're excited, but she's not a very good cook.

    It's scary...
    The Brat Pack

  6. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS FOOD STUFF?!?! It's disgraceful. Maybe we should just eat cookies and candy all day long....

  7. It's just horrible! You think you're safe and wham-o! Another upsetting article!
    When will it end??!!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Well I have to eat prescription food, but I wouldn't recommend it because my girl complains A LOT about how much it costs.... Maybe you should just eat peanut butter? Oh wait - there was a problem with that too. Jeesh.

  9. sorry about the food situation for you peanut. i know there's a lot of pet food recall in US. i am lucky coz i'm not affected here.

    wet wet licks


  10. Heyya Peanuts!
    Isn't the food thing outragous?!
    Mum feeds me pre ground raw (lamb, chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef, etc) that's prepackaged from Harmony farms in California! She supplements w/human grade RMB! The food thing scares her to death! Hope your mum figures it all out!

  11. Peanut -

    I know how you feel. Now my mom reads ever label and ever word on every label before she even gives me a cookie!!

    All that reading takes up my valuable eating time!!

    My mom has been spending lots of time trying to figure out what to feed me too. Still no answers :(

    We hope you and Flash have a great weekend -

    Love, Dory

  12. Hi Peanut - I was going to make a joke about peanut butter, but tadpole beat me to it. BOO!!

    I don't know what we're going to do...this food business is really scary.

  13. Jeez! This is pretty ridiculous. We've been transitioning to mostly raw and we're at about 50/50 raw vs. home cooked + kibble. We've been eating a lot of locally raised meat (from small farms less likely to buy the bulk imported feed and/or feed dog food) but--yeah, it's really expensive and there's no way we can avoid all commercial meats. Totally depressing.

    My granny is a microbiologist and used to be in food safety (poultry + eggs) and she said the chicken is not likely to be as harmful as the feed because you are not eating the directly tainted product. Still--it's scary, eh?

    We might have to start raising our own meat! (Only slightly joking. I don't think our neighbors would appreciate the cattle in the backyard).


  14. Hi Peanut.....Thanks for stopping by to say Hi. We are so excited to be getting so many doggie friends.

    We are looking forward to getting to know you and your adventures.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  15. This food thing is getting WAY too scary!
    Play bows,

  16. I agree with fig! We shoudl all just eat treats and cookies and stuff like that.

  17. Hi Peanut. Thank you for visiting our blog. Our mom worries about the food situation too. You can't even tell if what we get is okay since sometimes they leave ingredients out. We hope your mom is a good cook and makes you yummy meals!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  18. Hi Peanut!

    It was great to meet you at the pawty too! I agree with you that this food thing is the worst thing ever! Very scary! I will talk to you soon, okay?

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

    Ps ... Did I tell you that my Mom grew up with a dog named peanut? It is a great name!

  19. We are switching to Canidae TOMORROW! Mom and Dad have talked about it and they think (hope) it is safe!