Monday, May 07, 2007

No pictures today

Okay so my Pappy said mom is camera happy and you know I have to agree with him. So I told her no pictures on today's blog. Besides I am tired of having to be in all of them. Geez. She's been like that since she got her new digital camera a few months ago which hasn't worn off. Do you doggies ever think it will?

Anyway I thought I would tell you about my day today.
I got up at 7:00 with mom who then got the kids up. She let Flash and me outside and fed us breakfast. Then we ran around the front room for a little bit. At 7:30 we had to go in our kennels since she had to take our boy to the bus. We used to be able to go into the backyard when this happened but ever since Flash ran away and won't stay in the yard we can't since he isn't allowed to be out there without a human. Stupid Flash.
Then mom came back in and let us out of our kennels and we ran around some more while she got ready to go somewhere. Then we got thrown back in the those awful kennels when she left. She says she went to the library and took my boy his lunch which they had forgotten to give him. She came back and we went outside to potty and we ran around some more. Then later about 1:30 we laid on the couch and took a nap with mom. Well I took a nap with her Flash laid on the floor.
At 3 she let us outside again for a few minutes then we had to go back in our kennels because she had to go get our boy off the bus. Once again we used to be able to go in the backyard but not anymore. Stupid Flash. Mom and Dad came inside (dad was home way early today) with out boy and out girl came in a few minutes later. Mom let us out in the backyard again and then came out and played with the hose with us. Then she threw my jolly ball.
Then it was back inside to the kennels for about a hour and a half while the rents went out front with the kids. Again this is stupid flash's fault. Mom keeps talking about getting a tie out for him and I think she needs to do it so I can have free roam of the backyard and not be stuck in my kennel so much. Then they came back in and let us out and ate dinner. They had pizza but we didn't get any. Now I am off to go out in the backyard with the kids. I will see if I can get my girl to throw my jolly ball. She throws farther then our boy. But they will probably just jump on the trampoline. Maybe mom and Dad will come out to and I can get them to throw it.
I will report later.


  1. but peanut, i would love to see your photos! yeah, i don't like the flashy thing too but i look so good in it i don't mind a bit! LOL

    wet wet licks


  2. Hi Peanut....We had to get Zoe a tie out too. She likes to run down the road if she gets the chance.

    I'm the good one. I stay in the yard and I come when I'm called.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  3. Peanut:
    I think you are getting a lot of exercise going in and out of the kennel. We do not have kennels here, but then no one gets out of the yard except Edgar. He is able to climb the fence.

  4. Aw.. I miss seeing your pictures Peanut..

    ~ fufu

  5. Yeah, we want photos!

    Mum should definitely get a tie out for Flash so you don't lose on on yard time.

    Oscar x

  6. But I like the photos. The flashy thing goes off so many times around here I have white squares in front of my eyes all the time.

    Simba xx

  7. The hoomans NEVER get tired of taking pictures of us! We're the ones that just have to get over it! I miss seeing pictures of you too!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Gomer & Opie10:34 AM

    Awe, Dog! We like pictures. You're so handsome.

    We're gonna take a nap, cuz reading about your day made us tired.

    Wuf Ya!

  9. You're so lucky that you get to take naps with your mom during the day.... Don't complain too much - it could be worse. I have to stay in my jail all day long. Poor me.

  10. Jeesh - brothers are SOOOOO annoying. *shaking head*

  11. It would have been great to see pictures Peanut:) But I could visualize all you were saying. You sure did get your exercise in the run of a day! I would have been snoring by suppertime!

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  12. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Tell your pappy you can never take too many pictures!

  13. we love pictures! It sure sounds like flash is really screwing things up for you!

  14. The answer to your camera question is no. My Mom got her new digital camera about a year ago and I think it's getting worse because she's not being shy about when she whips it out anymore. She says it's a good thing she has a 2 GB memory card because she'd have to download pictures every night.
    Since it's Flash's fault you can't be outside by yourself maybe he should stay in the kennel and you get to go outside all by yourself!Why do parents always punish both when it's one's fault!

  15. Hi Peanuts, just reading about your activities made me feel tired.
    I like your pictures handsome.

  16. I hope she keeps taking lots of pictures!