Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who do I look like?

My lovely little friend Lorenza tagged me to post which celebrity I look the most like. Well mom couldn't figure out a person she thinks I look like but she swears I look like this thing.

It's a Mangalor from the movie The Fifth Element. Mom has thought I look like them for quite awhile. I don't see the resemblance but she is insistent. What do you think?


  1. Hee hee do look like that thing! It could be worse though, Peanut - you could look like a cat!

  2. peanut, your mom is EVIL!!!

    but on a 2nd thought, u do look a bit like "that thing"!

    wet wet licks


  3. Hi Peanut. Wilbur here. I really haven't tried to get out of my collar much. When I first had to wear one, I didn't like it, but after a couple hours, I got used to it and now it's okay, I don't even notice. Only once has my mom found it lying on the floor. (It's a quick release, and she doesn't know what made it fall off. I'll never tell.) Good luck to your cats. Maybe you can convince them that collars aren't that bad!

  4. Well, if we look good.... yes. Yes I think you look like him a little bit...
    Kiss, Faya

  5. wow you do sorta look like that thing!!!! your mom is good at this!

  6. That last photo of you is a suspiciously almost exactly like my dad. But he's not famous, as much as he wishes he was.

  7. Wow, you 2 look exactly the same but a little bit different!


  8. Pappy, Auntie and I all think you look a lot like that guy. Where are your big guns? He looks really tough. I don't think you are that tough.

  9. Its different, sadly I can see a likeness.

    Simba xx

  10. I was going to say "mean mummy" until I scrolled down and saw the second photo! Sorry, but there is a similarity. Who said the camera never lies? It must have in this case!

    Oscar x

  11. wahahaha... umm.. ok there is some similarity actually.. ROFL

  12. I was going to say your mom was crazy, until I saw your picture with the Jolly Ball. Yeah, a little resemblance.

    (Mom loves that movie!)

    I added you to my thank you list for Dora, so THANKS!!!

  13. Oh my...I do see a striking resemblance there. Too funny!!! You are still pretty cute to me...just no scarey guns, ok?

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  14. Oh Peanut!!! Hee hee! That's hilarious!

    But I feel your pain - my girl thinks I look like some sort of machine from a Star Wars movie....

  15. I am sorry to say that out of all the celebrity look alike photos I've seen, your's is the closest to actually looking like the celebrity. That last picture of you really makes you look like that thing!

  16. Hi, Peanuts. I have to admit that your mom is right! But, weeell, everyone is entitled to have a bad day (or 2).
    I love you Peanuts.
    Have a good day!

  17. Hey Peanut,
    You are much better looking than the Mangalor. Mama likes that movie by the way. In fact Koi Peanut looks way better than that thing, hehehehe!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  18. HAHAHA! But who are the naked apes to make fun of OUR looks--have they looked in a mirror? I love the second picture of you--handsome!


  19. Peanuts,
    My hooman girl is in love with your second photo! (You crack her up) I have to say that you do rather look like Mangalor... with a heart.
    Your goober bud,

  20. Hahahahahaha Your mum is really funny!

    U look a little kinder thou :p

  21. I was horrified till I saw the second photo! Yup, twinsies again! hehehehehe

    Love ya lots,

  22. Hehehehehe... Sorry Peanut, but we definitely see a resemblance.

  23. GASP!! I was going to say my Peanut looked just like Orlando Bloom.

    You have the most handsome drooly jowls in the last picture. I love you more each day!

    Penny & Peanut sittin' in a tree...


  24. Wow! I thought I had crazy jowels! Way cool, Peanut.

    xoxo - Bella